Arduino Due Memory Sorunu...
  • Arkadaslar selam... Baya onceden aldigim due kartinin Atmega16u2 chipini programladigimda due kapanip acildiginda program ucuyor... Arduino nun standar ide yi kullanarak programliyorum. Ve program basit bir blink programi.
    Google de arastirdim fakat tek bir kisi boyle bir soru sormus ve cevap olarakta bir arkadasta soyle yazmis...


    I had the same problem using an Arduino Due with Atmel Studio. I reported it to Atmel and they were able to reproduce the issue. The flash does not get erased, but rather it is inaccessible when you apply the power. Once powered, you can reset the board and then the flash becomes accessible. I believe this is only an issue if you bypass the Arduino bootloader which is managed by the Mega. We took the Mega off and it solved the problem.

    Atmel's response was as follows:-
    "From what we can see on the faulty start-up sequence , the erase pin is asserted after power on until the XMEGA drive it. This generate an error as the flash seems to be not accessible during this time."

    Hope that helps,


    Eger sizde bu sekilde bir problem ile karsilasip cozumledisyseniz yardimci olursaniz sevinirim...

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